A Letter From Keith


I started my business full time in 1994 after years of painting part time and for others, one of whom was an older journeyman painter named Tony. Tony was exceptionally fast and efficient. When he finished with an area, it was done. There was no touch-up needed. I, on the other hand, was somewhat of a novice in that I knew how to paint, just not professionally. The faster I tried to work to keep up with Tony, the longer it took and the more sloppy I became. After a few days of this, Tony took me aside and told me something that I took to heart and still practice to this day: “Slow down and concentrate on your quality and skill. The speed will come naturally.” I listened and learned from those words in 1988 and if Tony was still with us, I believe he would be proud of me. Thank you Tony.

I operate my business personally. I have no employees. To you, this means that you will be dealing directly with the owner in all phases of your project. To me this means taking personal responsibility of your project from start to finish. I will be honest with you at all times. There will be no “bait and switch”. The price I give you will be the price it is. Period.

I have built my business over the years on integrity, quality, honesty and a lot of hard work. Like most of my clients, I am a homeowner too. When I am working at a clients home, I complete my work as I would want it done in my home. That seems simple and it really is. I start and finish an area in the same day. There are no drop-cloths,buckets and tools to trip over when my customer comes home from work. There just a freshly painted room with the floors vacuumed or swept and the furniture put back in place. Simple. There are some exceptions in more involved projects like enameling cabinets ,but I generally like to keep a clean work area.

About seventy percent of my business is either word of mouth or repeat customers. That tells me that I am being true to my core beliefs and treating my clients as I would wish to be treated. I would like you to become one of my repeat customers. I will look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the visit!

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Keith Thomas Hippler